Domestic Wine Support

Why Supporting Domestic Wine Producers is So Important

Domestic Wine Support" Why it's Important

When you think of the movers and shakers in our economy, those who provide the most jobs and the biggest contributions in terms of GDP, you likely think of the big guys. Wal-Mart employs more than 2 million workers. McDonald’s contributes almost half a million jobs to our economy. IBM gives another almost half a million workers jobs.

Would it surprise you to learn that these gigantic enterprises pale in comparison to the contributions to our workforce and economy when measured against small businesses? When you take a Napa Valley wine tour and purchase locally-grown wines, you’re actually making a bigger difference in the nation’s economy than when you vacation in The Hamptons or buy those pricey exported wines.

Small businesses actually continued to grow and hire new workers, even during the recent economic recession when the big guys were cutting their workforce and sending more of their jobs overseas. Small businesses like the wineries, wine tour services, and Napa Valley restaurants and hotels account for more than half of all jobs in the U.S. They are also adding new jobs faster and increasing our export revenue by some 33%.

Let’s take a look at the benefits and advantages of spending the bulk of your yearly wine budget domestically.

The Chain Reaction of Spending Domestically

Support local Economies

First, there is the very obvious benefit of keeping revenue local and keeping it in the hands of the little guy, as opposed to big business. Simply put, these Napa Valley small businesses, like wineries and wine tour services, aren’t hiring huge teams of lawyers and tax specialists to find ways to shield their income from taxes. Furthermore, they aren’t sending their jobs overseas. This means that their revenue, as well as the disposable income of their workers, stays right here at home.

Now, let’s examine how that income and tax revenue directly impacts us. More tax revenue means better schools, therefore a stronger workforce, and eventually a stronger local infrastructure, because an educated workforce is a sure way to lure new businesses and investors to the area.

Supporting Domestic Wineries Builds a Strong Local Economy


Tax revenue also leads to better road systems, meaning it’s easier, faster, and cheaper to ship out wines and other produce for export. Whether the wine is sold across town or across the world, it’s done cheaper, faster, and easier with a strong infrastructure. Napa Valley, in particular, employs a sizeable number of immigrants and low-income workers to keep their vineyards, wine production, and wine tasting rooms going. Buying these domestic wines provides jobs, but then goes on to build better schools, roads, libraries, and other infrastructure that directly helps these workers improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Buying domestic wine in Napa Valley also contributes to other industries in the area, including:

• Hospitality (hotels, restaurants, spas, wine tour services)
• Retail (stores and boutiques)
• City jobs (road workers, construction crews)
• Local builders and contractors
• Transportation (truckers, many of whom own and operate their own vehicles)
• Support personnel (suppliers for vineyard equipment and winemaking equipment)

Supporting all of these industries assures a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Supporting Domestic Wineries is Good for The Environment

Supporting Domestic Wineries is Good for The Environment

But it isn’t just people who benefit from buying local wines. The environment does, as well. The closer your products are to home, the less transportation is needed, which means fewer non-renewable resources used (fuel) and less pollution associated with trucking, trains, ships, etc. Even though your kids don’t drink wine, they do have to breathe the air, drink the water, and eat the crops and livestock that’s grown here. Even the wildlife and pets are healthier when you buy local wines produced here in the U.S.!

Supporting Local Growers & Wine Producers Usually Means Better Customer Service

Supporting Domestic Wineries Builds a Strong Local

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits to everyone else, let’s talk about the benefits to you — the buyer. If you purchase wine from outside the U.S., there is little or no repercussion when they don’t provide good customer service. Most can afford to lose a few customers here or there without affecting their bottom line. These winemakers here in Napa Valley can’t. They have small businesses, and work hard to keep even their little customers, those who purchase just a few hundred dollars worth of wine each year. Plus, you can call them directly, and in many cases, speak directly to the owner of the establishment. Isn’t it time we got back to appreciating the value of decent, caring customer service?

So, whether you spend $300 a year on wine or $35,000, it does make a difference when the bulk of those purchases stay right here in the U.S. Come take a Napa valley wine tour with us at Allure Wine Tours and let us introduce you to your amazing selection of economical, environmentally-friendly Napa Valley domestic wines.