Sonoma Valley Wine Tours

San Francisco to Sonoma valley wine tour

Sonoma Valley Wine Tours

Tour Highlights

  • We Fully Book Your Wine Tour Reservations, Most Popular Restaurants, Hotels, Hot Spots & More!
  • Door-to-Door Limo Pickup Service (Your Choice of Location and Time)
  • Complimentary Champagne, Croissants, Fresh Strawberries, and Iced Bottled Water
  • Your choice of Client-Customized or Allure-Directed Sonoma Wine Tours
  • Rent luxury Limousines or an Elegant Sedan Vehicle
  • Friendly, Knowledgeable and Professional Drivers

Sonoma Valley Wine Tours provide the perfect way to relax, enjoy delicious wine and take in the beautiful scenery. We’re ready to provide the most amazing custom tour package

Sonoma Valley Wine Tours

wine-vinyard-sonomaThis vacation, don’t just visit California—experience it at its most seductive. Have you ever considered a wine tour of Sonoma Valley? Our Sonoma wine tours welcome you into a world of sun-dappled vineyards and oak tree-studded hills. Here is where daily commutes give way to gently curving roads, the kind that lead to the best wineries in Sonoma County. As North America’s premier wine travel destination, the county also offers more than 200 square miles of redwood forest, Pacific coastline, and rural charm. As one of the best winery tours in Sonoma, Allure Limo Wine Tours has expert knowledge of “must see” Sonoma wineries.

Make that “must taste.” After all, this is the land where lush grapes ripen, traditions nurture award-winning varietals, and the best Sonoma wineries offer relaxed yet elegant tastings.  When you choose our Sonoma limo tours, your relaxation is assured, because we take care of everything. That leaves you free to sample the vintages associated with this region, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Syrah, Zinfandel, and many more.

Of course, not all Sonoma Valley tours can measure up to the high standards of our best vintners.  To access the most distinctive Sonoma wineries, discerning travelers choose Allure Limo Wine Tours of Sonoma. We specialize in meeting, and even exceeding, high expectations! Here’s what you can expect from one of our Sonoma wine tours:

  • A professional, licensed, and well groomed driver who ushers you into a world of luxury
  • A drive past the majestic Sonoma and Mayacamas mountain ranges and amid countryside dotted with small farms
  • Private tastings and friendly tasting rooms at each Sonoma winery
  • Opportunities to enjoy the historic Sonoma Plaza, a picnic lunch, and the Spanish Mission village
  • The option of dinner at one of our area’s romantic restaurants—the perfect ending to one of our exceptional Sonoma tours
  • Unparalleled Sonoma limo service based on your personal preferences: Red or white? Romantic getaway or a break from business?  Fun with a crowd or time with a special someone? We customize wine tours of Sonoma according to your express wishes!
  • Complete pick-up and drop off service. Available options include luxury transfers to and from spas, golf resorts, hotels or anywhere else you’d like to visit.


More than 50 outstanding Sonoma wineries await you for your Sonoma Valley Wine Tour with Allure. To find out more about Allure Limo Wine Tours in Sonoma Valley, or to make reservations, contact us today.