Dear Firefighters and First Responders

An Open Letter to First Responders in Napa Valley Following the Wildfires



Dear Firefighters and First Responders,

This letter is to all of the brave and victorious firefighters, law enforcement agents, medics, ambulance drivers, hospital workers, and others — both local to Northern California and those who came from faraway places to help us in our time of need.

Thank you.

October is normally a dry month, and California is no stranger to wildfires. But this year wasn’t kind to our premier wine region. A relentless drought made way for uncontrollable wildfires, threatening our homes, our businesses, our places of worship, our art galleries and wineries, our vineyards and wildlife preserves — everything we hold dear.

For awhile, the situation looked grim. Even areas not affected by the intense fires and choking smoke were shut down, as tourists from around the world watched 24/7 news coverage of the fires, becoming convinced that the entirety of Northern California was ablaze.

It probably would have been, except for you.

In an area that survives primarily on tourism and the production of our world-class wines, tourists who cancel their plans mean a tremendous loss of revenue. What you know, but most outsiders don’t, is that many of our businesses aren’t owned by giant companies like Beringer. Most of us are small, family-owned businesses, like the limo services offering Napa Valley wine tours. Clearing our schedules means taking food right out of our children’s mouths.

But due to your tireless work under the very worst of circumstances, you were able to stop the fires, saving countless lives, homes, and businesses. Firefighters battled unbelievable blazes that seemed to reach the heavens, while law enforcement risked life and limb to make sure our residents, migrant workers, and visitors got out of the endangered areas safely and securely. Even after everyone else fled to safety, you brave men and women stayed behind, making sure our homes and businesses and schools weren’t ravaged and looted in our absence.

We thank the hospital workers, nursing home staffs, school administrators, emergency responders, and all who worked so hard to keep us safe and protect us and our families during these fires. While everyone else ran to safety, you stayed behind to care for the most helpless among us. For that, we thank you.

Allure Wine Tours isn’t a big business. Like many Napa Valley shops and restaurants, wineries and hotels, we don’t have deep-pocket corporate backing. All that stood between us and absolute and total loss was you — our firefighters, law enforcement agents, and first responders.

Great job, ladies and gentlemen. We’re back in business, all because of you!

And from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Allure Wine Tours