Napa Wine Tours: 5 Need to Know Tips Before Renting a Limo

Napa Wine Tours: 5 Need to Know Tips before Renting a Limo

Napa Valley Wine Tour Tips: 5 Need to know tips before renting limo

5 Things You Need to Know Before Renting a Limo for Your Napa Valley Wine Tour

Touring Napa Valley is a special occasion in itself. Much more so if you come to celebrate a life event, such as a birthday, retirement, or wedding. Limousines are the best possible way to experience a Napa Valley wine tour, as well as any of the other places you’d like to visit while you’re here. But selecting the right Napa limo company is essential for assuring your experience is as positive as it can be. What questions should you ask before renting that limo service and booking your Napa Valley wine tour?

1. Read the Fine Print and Know What You’re Getting

There isn’t one single business model for limo wine tour services. Some companies rent by the hour, others by the event or per day. Some companies offer special package deals that include snacks and drinks or other optional services. Some include the driver’s gratuity in their pricing, others ask that you tip the driver yourself at the time services are rendered. Read the website or listen carefully when speaking to your customer service rep. Ask for anything in writing that you don’t understand or need clarification on. It’s better to be fully informed ahead of time than to be surprised on your big day.

2. Ask About Their Licensing & Insurance

Ask About Licensing and Insurance

Not just anyone can hop in a limousine and begin giving people wine tours. The company has to have special licensing and insurance, and the drivers need a commercial driver’s license that includes a passenger endorsement. Insufficient insurance could mean significant losses to you if an accident or unfortunate event did occur. While professional limousine companies do everything possible to avoid accidents, when you’re on the roads, anything can happen. Be sure your limo company has the licensing and insurance necessary to cover you in any potential eventualities.

3. Ask About Their Safety Record & Length of Time in Business

Ask about their safety record

How long has this company served the Napa Valley and Northern California areas? Ask about their safety record and how long they’ve been in business. Longevity usually means they’ve done well in regards to customer service and safety, because limo companies don’t survive financially if they aren’t doing a good job. But it’s more than that — if your limo wine tour service has been around awhile, they’ll know the ins and outs of the wineries and have established relationships with the winery owners, meaning you’ll get much more out of your wine tour. Drivers who have been in the area awhile also know shortcuts and detours, meaning they can get you to your wine tasting appointments on time even if traffic doesn’t behave.

4. What are Their Employment Practices?

What are their employment practices

Usually, a limo wine tour company that’s been in business awhile does conduct background checks, motor vehicle reports (MVRs) on their drivers, and provides good training before putting a limo driver on the roads with customers. But it doesn’t hurt to ask.

5. Check Their Customer Reviews

Check their reviews

Check the limo company’s customer reviews outside their own website. Make sure the company and their drivers have good reviews on Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google Reviews, the Better Business Bureau and other customer review sites. Just remember, a couple of bad reviews are out there about most any business. Dealing with the public occasionally means that somebody gets mad at you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Check for the overall rating (usually indicated by the standard 5-star system) and make sure that there aren’t any consistent problems indicated in the customer reviews, like drivers with bad attitudes or companies with unrealistic and inflexible policies.

We at Allure Wine Tours are happy to answer all these questions and more. With a stellar record for safety, customer service, and clean, well-maintained vehicles, we can meet all your limo wine tour needs at competitive Contact us today to learn more or to schedule the Napa Valley limo wine tour of your dreams!