Napa Wine Tour Honeymoon

Napa Wine Tour Honeymoon

7 Reasons to Make a Napa Wine Tour Your Honeymoon Destination

Wise couples get outta Dodge fast when the bird seed starts flying. Believe us, there’s nothing back there but a mess to clean up! Leftover dinner and cake, stacks and piles of plates and cups and napkins … The safest place for the newlyweds is well out of reach. In fact, Napa Valley makes the ideal getaway. It’s close enough to Big City action for couples who want world-class dining or all-night dancing, but also rural enough to provide some privacy, a change of scenery (and WOW what scenery!), and a few experiences you just can’t have in Frisco or LA. Here are a few of the best reasons to book a Napa limo wine tour for your honeymoon.

  1. Let Someone Else Handle the Navigation & Driving

Napa Honeymoon KLeave The Driving to Someone Else

Do you really want to spend your honeymoon arguing over whether or not Siri’s directions are right, or whether or not your new hubby should ask someone for directions or continue to wander aimlessly for another two hours while you miss out on the wine tastings you have scheduled? Nope, nope, and nope.

A limo wine tour of Napa begins with a curbside pickup at your hotel or bed and breakfast, and doesn’t end until you’re safely back from the day’s adventures. No getting lost because you couldn’t get a cell signal, no missing out on that spectacular vineyard tour because you were bumping down a dusty side road that isn’t on any of the maps, and no worrying about where to park, what you’ll eat, or if you’re going to make it on time for your dinner reservations.

  1. Don’t Spend Your Honeymoon Fretting Over Chronic California Traffic Jams

Napa Honeymoon Traffic Jams in CA

Limo drivers giving Napa wine tours are experienced professionals, but they’re also Napa Valley natives, familiar with the area, the best routes, the usual traffic flows, and more importantly, how to avoid the bottlenecks. Though Napa is considered a rural area, because it’s mostly a collection of farmlands interrupted by a winery here and there, it’s also a popular tourist destination known for obnoxious traffic jams.

But in the back of a limo, your professional driver will zoom you around the snarls and get you to your wine tastings on time. Today’s limo services don’t just rely on the vast knowledge and experience of their drivers; they also use advanced GPS and traffic monitoring systems to identify problem areas and avoid them before you’re stuck in a jam  for hours. You can relax, enjoy your honeymoon, and leave the worries to the folks getting paid for it.

  1. Get Done Touring Early So You Can Enjoy Other Plans


While the wine is most definitely the crown jewel of Napa, you won’t want to miss out on all the other fun and exciting things to see and do here. Take a leisurely ride in a hot air balloon, or browse one of the local farmers’ markets and pick up some souvenirs. Tour one of the excellent art galleries or take in a live performance.

Napa offers a number of fabulous culinary experiences, especially in their mom and pop restaurants that aren’t on all the tour guides. Your tour planner and limo driver can let you know where the best places to find your favorite foods are, such as barbecue, Italian, or even soul food. They’ll also know where you can get all new culinary experiences, so you can try new things for the first time, like a hands-on learning and dining adventure or trying dim sum for the first time. Napa also has a thriving night life, so if you’ve sampled wines all day and plan to spend the evening at a local watering hole, having a designated professional limo driver is just smart. Spend your honeymoon in the back of a cozy limo, not in a smelly bunk at Napa County Jail. They never get good Yelp reviews.

  1. Avoid the Crowds Without Being Isolated


The ideal honeymoon is a good blend of social activity and alone togetherness. You don’t want a honeymoon surrounded by throngs of wild partiers, or one in which you don’t see or talk to another living soul. A Napa wine limo tour is the perfect balance.

Most of the folks you’ll meet on a vineyard tour or in a wine tasting room are interesting folks. They come from all sorts of different places (both here in the US and from abroad), and all kinds of backgrounds. You’ll meet the lady who worked her way through law school when it was a profession dominated by men. You’ll talk to the welder who saved his whole life for a “fancy vacation like this” and the school teacher who lied and told his students he was going to the beach for the week. These interesting people make for rich stories when you get home — but you can also retreat each evening to the privacy of one of the area’s magnificent hotels or B&B’s.

  1. Get All-Inclusive Packages So You Don’t Spend Your Honeymoon Nickel-ing & Dime-ing


Your Napa limo wine tour company isn’t just a driving service. They can help you set up your wine tasting appointments, choose which wineries you’ll most enjoy touring, recommend the best area accommodations, and even help you select your dining experiences and set up those reservations.

Instead of spending your honeymoon adding up all those separate costs and worrying about how you’ll pay for it all when you get back, allow your limo wine tour specialists at Allure create your ideal customized Napa vacation, and then just sit back and enjoy the experience.

  1. You Don’t Have to Be Wine Connoisseurs or Even at the Same Knowledge Level to Enjoy a Napa Limo Wine Tour Together

You Don't Have To Be a Wine Expert

Perhaps you’re a bit of a sommelier, but your fiancé is a complete wine newbie. Maybe you’re both as green behind the ears as the Sauvignon Blanc grapes growing on those Napa hills. Your wine limo tour planner can help you plan and enjoy a honeymoon that introduces the newbies without going “over their head,” while still entertaining and enlightening the more knowledgeable wine connoisseurs.

Perhaps you two would enjoy incorporating a mix of well-known wineries with a few of the unknown mom and pop shops. Maybe you’d like to sample a wide variety of wines, including both reds and whites — or, you could focus on your favorites (like all-Merlot producers) and add in a few of the less-widely-known wines, like Petite Sirah or Petit Verdot. With tours like these, everybody learns and enjoys the tour.

  1. Stay Anywhere in the Bay Area & Still Enjoy a Napa Limo Wine Tour


A Napa limo wine tour doesn’t mean you’re obligated to stay in Napa Valley or only visit Napa’s attractions. You can stay anywhere in the Bay area and still take a limo wine tour during your stay. Pick a swanky beachside hotel in San Francisco or further south in Monterrey, or a quaint cabin to the north in one of the forests where Redwoods abound.

The bottom line is, a Napa wine tour in a limo doesn’t have to mean you do nothing but wine tastings or nothing but touring. You can tour vineyards during the day and enjoy a thriving club scene each night. Or, take a romantic vacay in the hills, and pop into Napa for some swanky wine tasting in the afternoons. The choices are yours!

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