Napa Valley Limo Wine Tour Tips

Napa Valley Limo Wine Tour Tips

Napa Valley Limo Wine Tour Tips

How to Make the Most Out of Your Napa Valley Limo Wine Tour

Most true wine lovers eventually decide to expand their horizons with a Napa Valley Limo Wine Tour. Fabulous decision! Not only will you uncover hidden treasures you’d never experience at your local wine shop, you’ll also expand your knowledge of oenology and viticulture considerably. These trips are truly special, so don’t depend on chance and whims to guide your fate. Here’s how to make the most out of your wine tour.

Depend on Good Planning Instead of Spontaneity

Napa Valley Limo Wine Tour Tips - Spontaneity

There are more than 500 wineries in the Napa Valley region that offer tours. You’ll never visit all those in one trip, so it’s essential to narrow your search down a bit so that you have a great mix of wineries you know you’ll love and a few new experiences in the mix. Of course, going by the brochures and websites of each winery, every one is an absolute can’t-miss. Depend on a professional to help you plan your tour so that you hit all the wineries that offer your favorites (the best dry reds or the crispest sweet whites), as well as a mixture of wineries to expand your palette.

Another reason to plan your wine tour well in advance is that the better restaurants book months in advance. Don’t show up in Napa expecting to walk into just anyplace. Partner with a wine tour company that can show you the ropes and make sure you get the best possible experience.

Leave the Driving to the Pros

Napa Valley Custom Limo Wine Tour

Even the most experienced wine tasters, who religiously spit and pour during tastings, do and should sip and swallow some of the wines! While it’s essential not to go overboard (it’s a tasting, not a frat party), it’s perfectly fine and encouraged to swallow a little, relax, and enjoy the wine tastings, the knowledgeable and friendly winery staff, and your fellow tasters. But after a few tastings on a wine tour, you’ll begin feeling some of the effects. Expect to taste about 5 wines per wine tasting, and take about 3 sips of wine per tasting to get the full spectrum of each wine. Stay hydrated, keep your tummy full, and leave the driving to the pros. A limo wine tour is ideal.

Sonoma County and Napa Valley cops aren’t new to this gig. They see almost 16 million visitors every year, and unfortunately, those guests average .07 arrests for every 1 tourist. The sad part is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Limo wine tours are surprisingly affordable, especially when you figure in all the extra perks, like staying hydrated and well-fed, not having to navigate hectic tourist traffic while you’re relaxing on vacation, and never being late to a wine tasting because you got lost. The average cost of a DUI in California is well over 16,000, not counting the increase in your auto insurance premiums and any effects that such a violation has on your career, family life, and social standing. All these factors make a limo wine tour a quite affordable and pleasurable way to visit Napa Valley.

Bring Some Reusable Shopping Bags

Napa Valley LimoWine Tour Tips - Reusable Shopping Bags

Let’s say you’re touring 5 wineries on your limo wine tour. You don’t buy anything at the first tasting, but you buy 2 bottles at the second. One at the third. Four at the fourth, and another 2 at the last. You’re now toting 9 wine bottles, and they’re clanking around the car, and probably one breaks. With a few of those reusable cloth shopping bags, you can comfortable carry and protect several bottles, and your limo mates will thank you for the lack of clanking bottles. Plus, when the day is done, you can easily exit the limo without having 4 people carry bottles for you. Likely, they’ll have their hands full with their own.

If you end up buying in quantity — such as a case or two — you might speak to the winery about having it shipped to you back home. Obviously, this will cost more, but it will make the rest of your wine tour much more enjoyable. Wine just doesn’t taste the same after spending a day in the hot California sun. Even on days that don’t stray much above 70-degrees, the inside of a parked car in the sunshine can reach 104-degrees within one-half hour. The average storing temp for red wine is just 65-degrees. This is another reason to take a limo wine tour: the limo driver can keep the AC on for you during your tours and tastings.

Keep a Journal During Your Tour

Napa Valley Limo Wine Tour Tips - Journal

Even without the help of these amazing Napa wines, it’ll be quite hard to remember what you liked, what you didn’t much care for, and what you would love to order sometime — unless you keep good notes during the wine tastings. Take your obligatory three sips of each wine you’re presented, and notate your initial impression, primary thoughts, and aftertaste experience for each wine. (There are usually about 5 wines presented at each tasting, unless someone asks to try some library or reserve wines.) Don’t worry about notating all the “wine speak.” Simply, “I like the peppery aftertaste,” or, “Didn’t care for the dry first notes,” will help you recall later what you experienced with each wine. This is incredibly handy later when you need to buy a nice wedding or retirement gift, or restock your own cellar.

Consider Touring Early in the Day

Napa Valley Limo Wine Tour Tips - Consider Touring early in The Day

There are usually fewer patrons at the earlier tastings. Some wineries offer their first tastings and tours beginning at 10 or 11 a.m. Plus, you can often get a little better prices at the restaurants you visit during the lunch hour or during “lupper” (late lunch/early dinner) than in the evenings. It can also be easier to get reservations for some of the more popular places at the noon-ish hour than the hectic 6-9 p.m. dinner hours. An early tour also gives you extra time to go back to the hotel, take a nap, and get ready for any evening plans you have. Plus, it pays to get up early in Napa Valley. The sunrises are amazing, and the landscape just looks special in the earlier hours.

Always Keep an Open Mind

Napa Valley Limo Wine Tour Tips - Keep an Open Mind

Perhaps you’ve always preferred a rich, lemony pinot grigio or a sweet, orangy moscato. Don’t limit yourself during the tastings to your own preferred wines, to the exclusion of interesting and enjoyable new finds. Allow yourself to be amazed by a floral Riesling or a drier merlot. What’s the point of attending wine tastings if you don’t expand your palette a bit?

You don’t have to go it alone, you know. Wine tastings can be intimidating for newbies. That’s why Allure offers limo wine tours with experienced professional drivers who know the ins and outs of each winery, what restaurants you’ll adore, and the proper etiquette for all the Napa Valley wine tasting rooms. What are you waiting for? Call to start planning your custom limo wine tour of Napa today!

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