Napa Valley Holiday Wine Tour

Napa Valley Holiday Wine Tour


Looking for an exciting time during the holidays? How about a unique Napa Valley Holiday wine tour! Read on to discover why a Napa Valley Wine Tour is the Perfect Way to Spend the Holidays

Ah, the holidays. Time around the fire, dragging out those cozy sweaters, enough food to put you in a carb coma until Valentine’s Day … the cousins’ rowdy kids tormenting the poor dog, your in-laws asking why you’re “still at that job,” your sister’s snide comments about overcooking the turkey again …

It’s time you spent at least some of your holiday doing something you enjoy. And you likely enjoy wine quite a lot! The season between Thanksgiving and New Years is one of the best times to enjoy a Napa Valley wine tour. Why? Let’s find out ….

Festive Atmosphere Without the Cold & Ice

Most people love the lights and bright colors of Christmastime, but many of us don’t enjoy the cold and ice and snow that generally come along with it. If a white Christmas shoveling snow and defrosting the car windows isn’t your cup of tea, then head over to Napa Valley and spend it in mild 50-degree weather instead. It rarely reaches the freezing mark here in December, and many days hover in the high 50’s or low 60’s. Chilly enough to enjoy a corny Christmas sweater, but not cold enough to put a damper on your holiday spirit.

Fewer Crowds, Easier Reservations, Shorter Lines

napa-valley-holiday-wine-tour fewer crowds

The peak times for a Napa Wine tour are between Spring and Fall. Spring brings the amazing burst of colorful wildflowers, summer is the best time to see a working vineyard in action, and fall offers the spectacle of harvest and winemaking season, plus the wide range of oranges, reds, yellows, and browns so indicative of this time of year. The holidays are entirely different. Fewer crowds generally mean more flexible prices, and you won’t have as much trouble getting reservations at some of the more popular wine tasting rooms and restaurants. With fewer people, you have ample time to chat with the winery owners, tasting room attendants, vineyard workers, and others who are so knowledgeable and interesting. It’s the best time to visit for wine newbies who have lots of questions they don’t necessarily want to ask in front of a crowd of experienced sommeliers.

Laid-Back After Harvest Season (& Before Next Year’s Work Begins)

napa-valley-holiday-wine-tour laid back

Know how you feel when you’ve just wrapped up a massive project? That time of relaxation and celebration, after the hard work is done? That’s the atmosphere of Napa Valley after the harvest season. They’ve completed the year’s growing, farm work, harvesting, and winemaking. It’s time to relax and celebrate before next spring rolls around, bringing all that hard farm work. Simply put, your entire Napa Valley wine tour takes on a more relaxed, celebrative, enjoyable vibe.

Um, the Wine!

Um the wine!

Another harvest is in the books! The shelves are full of a variety of vintages, and the wine tasting rooms know what folks are fawning over, having spent all summer and fall giving tours and tastings to tourists from around the world. Also, it’s the best time to score some excellent Napa Valley wines, because you’ll need extra bottles to serve at holiday parties, New Year’s gatherings, and to bring as gifts to your hosts and hostesses. Plus, you’ll want at least two bottles in reserve for after the family leaves Christmas night. Whew.

Allure Wine Tours offers several excellent holiday wine tour packages, whether you want to stick to Napa Valley wineries or spread out and see some neighboring wine regions, like Sonoma County. Or, you can customize your own tour! Our tour planning specialists can help you design the Napa Valley wine tasting tour of your dreams. Let us make your holiday plans today!