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Allure Limo Wine Tours FAQ Page

Can’t decide if a limo wine tour is right for you? Perhaps you want to know more about Allure Wine Tours, or you have other questions about your trip to Napa Valley or the San Francisco area … Check out these Frequently Asked Questions for the help you need. Still have questions? You can contact us and we’ll get right back to you with your answers.. When you’re ready, head over to our Reservations page to set up your limo wine tour!

Do I know enough about wines to fit in at a wine tasting?

Absolutely! Wine tastings aren’t just for experienced connoisseurs. Every level of knowledge and expertise is welcome, and a tour of the historic Napa Valley is the ideal way to grow your knowledge. Plus, with a guided tour by an experienced Napa native, you have a first-class ticket to insider information, tips, and hints to help you get more out of the tour and fit right in with the more experienced wine tasters. You can start here to learn more about how to taste wines and what to expect during a wine tour and tasting.

Do you offer wine tours other than Napa Valley?

We sure do! There are several first-rate wineries right in San Francisco. Also nearby are Sonoma, Livermore, Alexander, Healdsburg, and several other cities and towns noted for award-winning wine production. All of these burgs are renoun for world-class vineyards and wineries, and each features a distinctive culture that makes a wine tour there definitely worth your while.

Can you pick us up from the airport?

We’ll be honored to. Allure Wine Tours offers door-to-door service from the SF airport to your hotel or bed and breakfast, as well as tours to other Northern California destinations. Choose us for all your transportation needs during your visit to the Bay area.

Why is a limo tour the best option for visiting Napa Valley?

A limo wine tour is more private and personalized than a bus tour or other means of transportation. Unlike a rental car, you don’t have to worry about navigating the crowded highways and byways of Northern California. We provide amenities like ice-cold bottled water and fresh fruit to keep you hydrated and comfortable during your tour. Plus — no worries about getting pulled over by the police after hitting a few wine tastings! Additionally, our drivers have all the insider knowledge you need for a successful tour of Napa Valley, Sonoma, or the greater San Francisco area.

Can you handle our group?

Allure Wine Tours has several vehicles in our fleet, easily accommodating your group of 1 to 14 people. From the discreet luxury sedan to the rugged SUV to an ultra-luxurious stretch limo, your group can choose how they cruise in style! All vehicles are cleaned and maintained to the highest standards — no roadside breakdowns to derail your Napa Valley tour. We accommodate honeymooners, couples getaways, ladies’ weekends, gentlemen’s’ getaways, office parties … you name it, we can handle it.

Can we bring our kids on a limo wine tour?

More and more wineries in Napa Valley and surrounding areas are accommodating children during tours and tastings. Some offer fun things to do for the kids while Mom and Dad are sampling wines and talking grape growing — including basketball courts, play areas, and activity books. Just let Allure Limo Tours know when you’re planning to bring the kids along, so we can make sure to schedule kid-friendly wineries on your tour. Also, it’s a good idea to bring along some extra items to entertain your children, such as their favorite toys and books, and perhaps some kiddie snacks, since many don’t like water and fresh strawberries.

Do you provide business services?

Allure Limo Tours accommodates all kinds of business services, including pick-ups and drop-offs for meetings and conferences around San Francisco, entertaining clients, and even team building exercises. Consider a limo wine tour instead of a boring party at the office during the holidays. Give one of our elegant tours as gifts to your most valuable clients. You can trust the expert drivers at Allure to wine and dine your business associates like no one else in the Bay area.

What do you offer honeymooners?

Allure Wine Tours is your one-stop shop for honeymooning. We partner with numerous area hotels and spas to provide you with a honeymoon experience like no other. Allure can also hook you up with the perfect dining opportunities, ranging from quiet, romantic picnics to eating at the area’s hottest restaurants. Choose a 5-star restaurant in Napa Valley or a farm fresh meal in Sonoma, featuring both foods and wines grown right here in the area. This is a great way to learn how to pair these lovely wines with your own meals once you return home to enjoy life as a married couple!

Can you handle our hotel reservations, too?

Allure Wine Tours partners with a number of area hotels, including those in Napa Valley, Sonoma, and surrounding towns, to offer you a comprehensive package. Choose a relaxing spa, an elegant resort, an upscale hotel that caters to business travelers, or a quaint room with a view.

Do you offer Sonoma wine tours?

Yes! Allure Wine Tours offers numerous tours, including tours of Sonoma wineries, as well as other local townships noted for their vineyards and wine production, including Livermore, Alexander, Healdsburg, and San Francisco.

What other limo tours do you offer?

Allure Wine Tours specializes in tours of all the area’s great wine producing cities and townships, including:

  • Napa Valley wine tours
  • Sonoma wine tours
  • San Francisco wine tours
  • Calistoga wine tours
  • Yountville wine tours
  • St. Helena wine tours
  • American Canyon wine tours
  • Petaluma wine tours
  • Oakland wine tours
  • East Bay wine tours
  • South Bay wine tours
  • Alameda wine tours
  • Marian county wine tours
  • Livermore wine tours
  • Alexander wine tours
  • Healdsburg wine tours

You can choose from one of our one-day tours, a two-day or multi-day tour, or work with our outstanding trip planners to create a one-of-a-kind custom tour made just for your particular wine tastes and interests.

Which wineries can we visit on our limo wine tour?

Allure has carefully chosen a wide variety of Napa Valley, Sonoma, San Francisco and nearby wineries to include in our tour packages. You’ll visit a variety of different types of vineyards and wineries, many of which offer vineyard tours as well as wine tastings. You’ll sample the regions best — from the popular wineries that “everyone knows” to the hidden, mom and pop shops producing award winning wines that are uniquely their own. Whether you love Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, we’ve got the tour for you. Or, work with your Allure tour planner to develop an itinerary that perfectly matches your wine taste and personal style.

Why should we visit some of the smaller wineries in Napa and Sonoma?

While you’ll definitely want to visit some of the larger, more well-known wineries in Napa, don’t miss out on the many wineries that produce less wine in terms of quantity, but perhaps far more in terms of history and passion. There are tons of family-owned and operated vineyards and wineries, some established more than 100 years ago, and all with a history exclusively their own. No Napa Valley wine tour is complete without visiting some of these award winning establishments!

Do you offer refreshments on your limo wine tours?

Refreshments keep you well-hydrated and comfortable during your wine tour. All Allure Wine Tours include complimentary bottled water — kept on ice — as well as delectable croissants, fresh strawberries, and even champagne. If you like, you can also schedule a stop at one of the area’s excellent eateries, but be sure to book reservations early, as those spots go quickly (especially during the busy harvest season in late summer and early fall).

What should I bring on my limo wine tour?

Wine tasting specialists recommend you wear comfortable clothing and no perfume, cologne, heavy after shaves, or other scented products. This allows both you and your fellow tasting mates to fully enjoy the bouquet of each of the wines you’ll be tasting. Dress for the long vineyard walking tours, not just standing or seating in the climate-controlled tasting rooms and limousine. Also, if you plan to purchase wines during your tour (which you absolutely should!), bring a couple of reasonably-sized boxes or tote bags to keep your purchases safely tucked in the limo while you finish your tour. You can get boxes at area mailing centers with wine slots to keep bottles from bumping against one another en route. Our limo drivers will take care to keep your wines from getting too hot or sitting directly in the sunlight while you visit other wineries.

What kinds of limousines do you have?

Allure Wine Tours employs a fleet of new, exceptionally well-kept vehicles to escort you and your companions in first-class style. Our fleet consists of:

  • The Luxury Sedan — which seats up to 4 passengers, and features plush leather seats, tinted windows, and a CD stereo system to keep the mood light and entertaining on your journeys.
  • The Stretch Limousines — these vehicles seat up to 14 passengers, depending on the model you choose. They feature amenities like plush leather seats, tinted windows, and CD and DVD players for enjoying music and movies while you’re en route to your wine tastings and other destinations.
  • The SUV — these vehicles seat up to 7 passengers comfortably, and feature niceties like plush leather seats, tinted windows, and CD stereo systems for your listening pleasure.
How much do your limo services cost?

Depending on the limo or vehicle you choose, our rates begin at $55 per hour or $330 per day. The most you’ll pay, even for our most generously-sized stretch limo, is $115 per hour or $920 per day. These fees do not include fuel, service fees, and of course, your driver’s gratuity. We do encourage our customers to tip our drivers.

How long is a limo wine tour?

A limo wine tour can be your main vacation or just one of the many attractions you enjoy during your trip to Northern California and the San Francisco Bay area. One-day tours feature the highlights of Napa Valley, allowing you to visit several wineries and attend tastings and even tours of the vineyards (vineyard tours are available only at certain locations). Or, you can choose a more inclusive tour, spanning two or more days, where you will experience numerous wineries, varying in size, style, and grape varieties. You can also customize your tour to include only the wines and wineries you’re most interested in — such as all the notable Merlots or perhaps only the small, family-owned wineries.

What time(s) of day do you offer limo wine tours?

Most wineries begin offering wine tastings as early as 10 a.m. and close around 5 p.m. There are some wineries in and around Napa Valley that stay open later, offering private tastings and tours after hours. These almost always have to be scheduled in advance. Some of the smaller wineries and vineyards offer different hours during the harvest season, since it requires all staff members to harvest the grapes and begin wine production. This is also a busier season for tourists, so book tours during this time (late summer to early fall) as early as possible. You’ll also want to include a nice lunch and/or dinner during your tour, and many of the best local restaurants book months in advance, so the earlier you book your limo wine tour, the more options you’ll have for visiting wineries and trying restaurants.

What else can we see while we’re in the area?

While limo wine tours are our specialty, there are many other things to see and do in Napa, Sonoma, and of course, San Francisco! Many of our customers enjoy a hot air balloon ride or visiting one of our local farmers’ markets. Farmers’ markets are a treasure trove for souvenir hunters and those enamored with farm-to-table fresh fruit and produce. Northern California is also known for its many world-class spas, including the Calistoga mud baths — a must-do if you’re into pampering yourself! Napa’s rich soil and mild climate isn’t just good for growing grapes; the area is also noted for its extraordinary olive oil production. Book a tour to see the olive trees growing and witness the amazing process of turning olives into that wonderful concoction used in kitchens around the world. Aside from all the ‘tourist attractions,’ Northern California boasts one of the most gorgeous natural landscapes on earth. From the majestic Redwood and Sequoia trees to the stunning rocky cliffs along the Pacific, Lake Tahoe to the many picnic spots and hiking trails, there are tons of things for outdoor enthusiasts to do besides just tour vineyards and taste grapes.

Can you customize a Napa wine tour for us?

Absolutely! Allure Wine Tours offers several tried-and-true wine tours, ranging from just a few hours to a multi-day adventure. But we can also customize tours to suit your particular tastes or itinerary. Work with us to create your dream tour — from trying all the unknown mom and pop wineries to tasting all the area’s award-winning Chardonnays or Cab-Savs. Contact us to develop the perfect customized dream tour of Napa Valley, just for you.

Are your limo drivers good tour guides?

Our tour guides aren’t just drivers with good motor vehicle records. These folks are Napa natives, familiar with all the back roads, shortcuts, and scenic routes to make your tour sweetly special. But they’re also well-versed in the art of wine tasting, grape varieties, and are familiar with the winemakers and wine tasting attendants on a one-on-one basis. They aren’t just your drivers; they’re your partners on this Napa Valley experience. Looking for the ideal spot to take some photos? Need some tips on navigating your first ever wine tasting? These drivers have your back. Don’t trust your limo wine tour to just anyone who buys a limo and dons a uniform. Turn to the wine tour specialists at Allure Wine Tours.

Do we tip our limo driver?

Yes, please! Our drivers strive to share the best of Napa, Sonoma, and San Francisco with you. They work hard to get you to tastings on time, keep you and your group safe, and help you enjoy the tours and tastings on your schedule. They’re also a great group of family folks, supporting themselves and their cute little kiddies. Gratuities are also kindly appreciated at the wine tastings you attend, especially free tastings and any you leave without making a purchase. We thank you for your generous tips to keep these professionals happy and prosperous in their plight to provide you with the ultimate wine tour experience.

Didn’t find the answers you’re looking for? Contact us for more information. Allure Wine Tours is pleased to assist you to make your trip to Northern California everything you dreamed of — and more!