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Napa Valley Limo Wine Tour
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Napa Valley Winery Facts

Napa Valley Winery facts 8 Reasons Why Running a Napa Valley Winery is Nothing Like You Picture It When you take a Napa wine country tour, it’s easy to leave with the impression that life there is nothing but endless sampling of “the good stuff,” forever puttering around in the most beautiful landscape on the...
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Red vs White Wine

What are the Real Differences Between Red Wine & White Wine? Are you preparing for a Napa¬†limo wine tour? If so, you’ll need to master a few basics so that you can maximize your experiences at all of the fabulous wine tastings you’ll be attending. This knowledge will also help guide your purchases, so that...
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Why Supporting Domestic Wine Producers is So Important

When you think of the movers and shakers in our economy, those who provide the most jobs and the biggest contributions in terms of GDP, you likely think of the big guys. Wal-Mart employs more than 2 million workers. McDonald’s contributes almost half a million jobs to our economy. IBM gives another almost half a...
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The Nice Guy’s Guide to Mastering Wine Terminology

During your Napa Limo Wine Tour of Napa Valley wine tasting rooms, you’ll come across a variety of types of people. There are wide-eyed newbies, who know nothing and enjoy everything. You’ll meet seasoned wine connoisseurs with a vast repertoire of wine knowledge and a wide wine vocabulary. And, you’ll meet those who talk like...
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5 Reasons to Spend Thanksgiving in Napa Valley

Thanksgiving is the almost forgotten holiday. Stores put up Halloween decorations right after school starts, and Christmas trees the moment the candy corn goes on sale. Yet it remains one of the best times of year for celebration, since it’s after the summer heat, but before the winter cold, and is always on a predictable...
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Napa Valley Culture

  What is the Culture Like in Napa Valley? From a distance, Napa Valley probably seems like a Disneyland for people who love wine. Nothing but wine, wine tours, wine talk, and winemaking all day, every day. You might picture a bunch of rich snobs or vineyards filled with overworked, underpaid migrant workers. Or, you...
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Napa Valley Wine Region Interesting History

A Brief History of the Napa Valley Wine Region   Growing grapes that make outstanding wines isn’t as easy as planting some vines, tending them well, and utilizing good winemaking practices. A lot of this process is outside of human control. Napa Valley, along with a select few other regions around the world, just happens...
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