Thanksgiving in Napa Valley

5 Reasons to Spend Thanksgiving in Napa Valley


Thanksgiving is the almost forgotten holiday. Stores put up Halloween decorations right after school starts, and Christmas trees the moment the candy corn goes on sale. Yet it remains one of the best times of year for celebration, since it’s after the summer heat, but before the winter cold, and is always on a predictable day of the year. Instead of rushing through this special time of year, take some time to enjoy your Thanksgiving this year. May we recommend a Napa Valley limo wine tour? Why? Oh, we can think of a few reasons …

1. Help Us Recover from the Recent Wildfires

2017 wasn’t too kind to Napa Valley and Northern California. A massive outbreak of wildfires set many of our precious historic and family-owned vineyards and wineries aflame. Those of us not involved in the fires were virtually shut down due to smoke, as well as firefighters’ activities, and many, many cancelations of wine tour reservations. We need you to come back so we can rebuild and restore Napa Valley! Your Thanksgiving Napa Valley wine tour dollars go to a worthy cause this year.

2. Get Wines for Holiday Parties & Christmas Gifts

Holiday Wine Gifts

Whether you’re ready or not, it’s time for office parties and club get-togethers and school holiday events and even neighborhood celebrations. Plus, you’ll need gifts for your difficult brother-in-law, those new folks down the street, and all your VIP clients. Nothing makes better housewarming gifts at holiday parties and employee holiday gifts at the office than Napa Valley’s world-class award-winning wines! Stock up on a few bottles for the house, so you’ll be prepared for those unannounced drop-by guests. On a Napa wine tour, you’ll find many extraordinary selections for less than $20 per bottle. Where else can you get a top tier Christmas gift for that price?

3. November is Peak Season for Fall Color in Napa Valley

November is Peak Season

Like in other regions, the precise dates for peak fall color vary from year to year, depending on many factors, including rainfall, temperatures, and other conditions. But November is always the target date for Napa Valley fall foliage, making Thanksgiving on or near the best time for viewing it. Contrary to many news reports, the areas unaffected by wildfires greatly surpass those that were. The majority of our mountains and hillsides are just as they always have been — positively gorgeous!

4. There are Tons of Local Festivals & Events to Enjoy

There are Tons of Local Festivals to Enjoy

Remember the touching Thanksgiving Peanuts movie? You can recreate that special Thanksgiving meal from your childhood memories right at the Charles M. Shultz Museum in nearby Santa Rosa. Or, you can try your hand at the “The Great Thanksgiving Escape” at Meadowood, enjoy an authentic ‘farm to table’ meal at Lucy, or cash in on one of the limo wine tour packages available. Most of the area’s restaurants, wineries, and shops are open on Thanksgiving, or have special hours the day before and on Black Friday so you can get a full-fledged Napa Valley visit, even on one of the biggest holidays of the year.

5. You Won’t Believe What California Calls ‘Fall Weather’

Napa Valley is known for pleasant, mild weather, which is perhaps most notable in the fall and winter. By November, our friends in New England, the Midwest, and further up the Pacific Coast have usually already felt the cold clutches of Arctic Air. Not yet ready for shoveling snow and plundering around in parkas and boots? On a Napa Valley wine tour, you’ll be treated to highs that generally hover in the 60’s and lows that rarely dip below the 40’s. You’ll have plenty of time for snow and ice come January and February.

What are you waiting for? Visit Allure Wine Tours to set up your special Thanksgiving Napa Valley wine tour today!